Trying new things

Ok, so my family (as in kids and hubbie) left Thursday morning for El Paso to visit. Yes, I have been ALONE since then. My husband does not get back for a week and the kids won’t return for almost 4 weeks. Heh, heh, heh….I can hear all you mom’s out there being jealous. No really, I can! For those of you without kids, you might not be able to imagine the blissful peace I have been experiencing. You all know I adore my family, but people, everyone needs some alone time now and again. I cleaned house the first morning just so that I could enjoy seeing it STAY clean hour after hour. Oh the joy!! Then I went and bought groceries JUST FOR ME. No pop tarts, no hot dogs, no mac and cheese! Then, imagine this mothers, I went to Borders! I walked leisurely through the store. I sat, read magazines, perused books. I finally bought the book on writing and illustrating for children I have wanted. I then drove home when I wanted to, not when the complaining about being bored got too annoying. More joy!

I got in 3 freelance jobs as well that day and one is doing a logo for a Frisbee Dog company. So fun! So Friday was spent working at home and onsite, then I had a painting to finish for a client today. But later that night I worked on another painting. See, I have challenged myself to try new things with this freetime. Try new styles, and imagine this, new subject matter! So each day I will try something new, hopefully somehting that gets me out of my comfort zone. Trust me, posting this gets me out of my comfort zone! I can show anyone my dogs all day long, but something else? Very scary. Not sure what I will try next, but I will let you know.

Meanwhile I simply must get back to drinking my tea and sitting on my front porch with the dogs. I am going to a friend’s garage sale later and to a festival to buy something for my dad for Father’s Day. Tonite I am painting at the restaurant. All this freedom and permission…I hardly know what to do with myself!

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