with a lil’ imagination…

It all happened very suddenly. I have always wanted to have a studio/gallery/shop but was never in a position to afford it alone. Yesterday through a friend I found out about a pet supply shop that was moving to a larger location in an ultra cool part of town. I knew this was what I was looking for. I literally jumped in the car and drove to this woman’s shop. I knew of her and she knew of me (pet industry is small even in Atlanta). I proposed my business venture and she jumped at it. I will have a small studio in the back, but most exciting I will be in the main window of the store. I will have retail space and I will have an area right in the front store window where I sit and create. My friend that told me about all this is going to be renting the space next door for her second grooming shop. Between the three of us it will be pet owner heaven! I am going to be painting a mural on the front and rear entrances of the business.

It is all to exciting and I have tons and tons to do to get ready. The space will be ready in a matter of weeks and I am meeting with the contractor next week about how I want my spaces designed!! I am going to redo my website in honor of this and am so looking forward to the coming holiday season! Honestly, I was considering stopping painting all together and had just the night before burst into tears in front of my husband telling him I couldn’t take not knowing what I was doing with my future much longer. I said I needed a sign soon or I just did not know what I would do. The very next morning all this happened. I have to tell you this summer has been tortuous trying to figure out where life was leading me, but I feel like I finally know. This has been 2 years in the making. All my past work and networking is what made this go off without a hitch. The shopowner said that because she had a good friend and several of her clients that spoke so highly of me made partnering with me a no-brainer. Sigh….this feels so good I can’t tell you. So off I go to get work and ideas done. I will let you know the progress of everything soon! It truly is a dream come true.

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