It’s raining, it’s pouring….no really, it is!

Crazy rainy days. Here in Atlanta we are feeling the wrath of the hurricaine. They closed the schools so I am with child. Err, with children? Anyhoo, makes working a bit more difficult with two bored children.

Besides the literal rain, it has been pouring busy work wise as well. I have been working nonstop for the studio, getting ads done, writing press releases, contacting anybody that might be able to be an in that is good for pr, I have been at the sign makers getting the sign made (note to other print designers: designing for vinyl is NOTHING like designing for print!), I got a computer for the studio, I met with the contractor about where I would like outlets and light fixtures, and my countertop, I will be getting paint this weekend for the walls after they are primed. It is all so exciting. The best part however, and those of you who know my frugal nature will understand just how huge this is, is that I have not spent one red cent yet for this venture. Nada. Nothing. Zilch. AND I don’t have to pay rent until December. Why you ask? Because being a print and web designer is like having a pocketful of money. No, really. People need design work and don’t want to pay for it anymore than I want to pay for a used imac. You need a 5 page website? Well, I could use that imac of yours just sitting in the corner over there. Done. You need ads for your new store? Well, how about I do all your ad work and how about I don’t pay rent until December? Done. It is like magic. Love it. Never before have I been happier to be a graphic designer. I will be paying for my paint at Home Depot, but I will choose from the lovely “oops paints”. Love that section! We should be open at the end of next week, but the Grand “everything is beautiful” Opening is Oct 29th.

Also, I found out yesterday I got the pt web design position with the college I freelance for. I can work from home (or my office int he studio) once I get the system down. Yeah, too super cool. Meanwhile I am still doing freelance work for the actual much needed cash. But boy howdy if the electric company would barter with me I would be all over that!

Ok, time to go do a newsletter and an ad. I will post pics of the studio as soon as I can. Thank you to everyone who has written or called with support. It means the world to me. This is truly a childhood dream coming true. I still am pinching myself.

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