I am grateful for gorgeous fall days that make me happy to be alive no matter what is going on in life.

I am grateful for having the courage to risk even when it makes my heart pound and my stomach ache.

I am grateful for friends who get exctited and support what I want to do in life and believe in me more than I think I believe in myself.

I am grateful for being able to pretend I am a confident, strong business woman even though I look at my little girl and realize she is far braver than I.

I am grateful for doors that open so wide so that I can’t possibly mistake that they are open for me.

I am grateful to believe in God so that when it all gets too scary I can ask him to carry my burden for me so that I can breathe calmly again.

I am grateful for the lows that I have had so my highs are that much sweeter.

I am grateful for a healthy body and mind that allows me to do all the crazy, wonderful things I want to do.

I am grateful for waking up each day and knowing I have the freedom to make any choice I want.

I am grateful for the people in my life that are there to help pick me up after I fall down from some of those choices.

I am grateful that despite all the “ouches,” God gave me the determination to keep getting up and trying it one more time.

Thank you, I am so very grateful.

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