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Some people in my life have told me that this is the best way they know what is going on with me, so here are some more updates. Monday and Tuesday I spent all day painting the studio. The ceilings are like 18 feet tall so it was hard! I did it myself not so much because I couldn’t find help, but because it felt so good to be doing it alone. I really, really enjoyed it even if I am sore today. The front end work should be done today and they were supposed to paint the floors (cement) and trim today. Soon my counter will go in then my section will be done. I have some detail/mural work to do, but I will do that after I am in. I have my new computer with my airport card for dsl sitting and waiting. I think I am going to look for a used drafting table as well. I have a shelving unit here at home that I think I will use to display my sculptures and things, but might look for something else. Not sure. This is free, so the price is right. I need to begin making cards to sell and my baby teeshirts. Those two items sell really well at festivals and so I am selling those along with commissioned work. I want to eventually sell mugs and adult shirts but have to wait on some profit.

I can’t wait to get my paintings on the wall. When I was a teenager I would hang every piece of artwork I had done on every squarre inch of my walls. I remember laying in my bed and looking up and imagining I was in my own gallery and studio. (My drafting table was right next to my bed.) I hadn’t thought of this memory in a long time until yesterday after I finished up painting and looked at the walls. It was one of those moments. You know the ones. When everything in that moment is so right, so content and so full of hope. A very, very good moment.

I know the next few months will be busy. I already have about 5 commissions that have come in in the last 3 days and still have design work. But I have never been more ready to work so hard. Bring it on. I am ready. (And when it gets crazy and stressful and scary, you will all be there for me, right??? Promise?)

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