Calling all artists…yes YOU!

Ok, it is here! I am actually setting up this week! We got our CO permit today!! Whoooya! So this weekend I will be the busy, busy bee setting up the gallery!! Now what I need, as I am extremely superstitious about these things, are tons and tons of good luck charms and inspiration for success from YOU! That’s right, if you read this I want a piece of you in my store. I will have a wall in the section where I paint that will be my inspiration wall. Where my quotes, photos, postcards will go. I will be putting Jill’s postcard from her Mortal Mom site and the print she gave me at our visit, Kate’s (Penguin Art) bookmark she gave, Elena’s (French Toast Girl) cd she gave me, etc. I think all those things are so powerful and instrumental in helping me remember that I am a part of something so much bigger. And that I have so many people that support me in this. Even if it is your favorite fortune cookie saying, scribble it down and send it to me! I will take a picture of the wall when it is all up and post it. I will post pics this weekend of the completed shop as well. So put on your thinkiing caps and send me some inspiration for success, please! I will be eternally grateful. Here is the address you can mail to:

Michelle Abeyta Studio & Gallery

479 A Flat Shoals Ave

Atlanta, GA 30316

You guys all rock! Oh, and if you would like an evite to the grand opening Oct 29th, if you are local (even if you are not) email me at: and I will add you to the list.

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