I may be biased, but that doesn’t make it not true…

I have THE COOLEST daughter on the planet. (My son TOTALLY ROCKS too, but the story is about the Soph today.)

We read every night. I purposely (and selfishly) got my children hooked on Nancy Drew and Hardy Boys books. I say selfish, because the 1950’s cheese factor is lost on them and I had read almost every one as a little girl and I get to relive a bit of childhood each nite. So we read a Hardy Boys then a Nancy Drew and unlike Mr. Potter we don’t have to wait a year between books. There are like a million of these gems! Ok, that is the set up.

Sophie like to do crafts while I read. Noah likes to know where I am and reads along silently correcting my pronunciation or telling me if I skipped a word. (Type A anyone?!) Last night Sophie made the cutest paper dolls – I will have to show a pic. But I digress, this story is about the night before. So there we are with Fenton Hardy and his boys in the midst of another great adventure and Sophie gets bored. I don’t know how you can get bored with these riveting, timeless adventures, but, well, she does. She begins to flip through an old art history book I had pulled out and had been reading earlier in the day. She skips around and stops on a picture of Redon’s The Cyclops. It is a fairly obscure painting. In it there is a cyclops looking over a fair maiden in a garden. Sophie studies it. I ask her what she sees. “Well Mama, he IS a monster, but I don’t think a mean one. I think he likes the lady, like he is protecting her.” How do you know that?” I ask. Because his eye, he seems like he is happy, plus the colors are like in a dream, so pretty. They make me feel happy.” So then I read the description by the very learn-ed art historian that says in a much more sophisticated way just what Sophie had said. Now, imagine her excitement when I told her that not a month ago I saw the REAL LIVE painting at the High Museum?? It is in the collection of the Van Gogh exhibit on loan at the High. I myself, studied the painting for quite a while, intrigued with the gentle cyclops. So I was thrilled that when by chance Sophie was struck by the same emotions as I was. So tomorrow we go see it in person. I love that. I love that I can make art in a book come alive. I am excited to show her some Van Gogh’s that literally take your breath away. There is nothing like standing in front of one of his paintings and gettig almost dizzy from the emotion caught within his brush strokes. She is very excited. Noah didn’t want to go until I told him there are headphones he can where and buttons he can press and control himself. Ahhhh, electronics, now he is interested. My kids, the loves of my life.

These Days

Things are going really, really well with work. Have plenty of commissions – a very comfortable amount. And it seems just as I get to the last one two more pop up. Certainly a pace I like. I am doing a ton of freelance work as well. And at this point design work is easy good money. Mostly it is a client I have had for 4 years now and I know what they like. They trust me and pay quick. (the best part!) I am still getting my hours at the studio down. Working out to be M/W/F and Saturdays as I can. Some personal situations are preventing me from being there full time. But life never goes the way we think, right? Go with the flow. Fighting the current in certain situations just leaves you frustrated and exhausted. Giving into the direction life is taking you is just the right thing to do sometimes. I still have to work at night, but with painting it never really feels like work. It is always a joy I am so grateful for.

I have a huge to-do list and one of them is my website. I haven’t changed the homepage in forever, updated my commissions or even announced my studio on there. It is a closet than needs cleaning and I am not avoidning it, I just don’t have time. But I need to make time. It is advertising that is not being utilized. Ah the one man show, no one for me to get mad at, no one to accuse of slacking. My boss has ridiculous expectations and such high standards. Sometimes I think I should quit and look for something different, but I know I will only be happy with this boss. She gets me to do some great work plus I know she really believes in me. 😉

Too wonderful for words…

The opening was amazing. Perfect. So many wonderful people came. Friends, old clients, new clients, past coworkers and family. So much laughter, so many smiles. It was a perfect night. I am so tired. Life is funny. Open doors and closing doors. I will have pics shortly. Thank you to everyone who came and helped me celebrate and thank you to all those who where there in spirit. Your presence was felt.

Now I must go to sleep, I have to go to work at my studio tomorrow. I really like how that sounds.

oh yeah and: