These Days

Things are going really, really well with work. Have plenty of commissions – a very comfortable amount. And it seems just as I get to the last one two more pop up. Certainly a pace I like. I am doing a ton of freelance work as well. And at this point design work is easy good money. Mostly it is a client I have had for 4 years now and I know what they like. They trust me and pay quick. (the best part!) I am still getting my hours at the studio down. Working out to be M/W/F and Saturdays as I can. Some personal situations are preventing me from being there full time. But life never goes the way we think, right? Go with the flow. Fighting the current in certain situations just leaves you frustrated and exhausted. Giving into the direction life is taking you is just the right thing to do sometimes. I still have to work at night, but with painting it never really feels like work. It is always a joy I am so grateful for.

I have a huge to-do list and one of them is my website. I haven’t changed the homepage in forever, updated my commissions or even announced my studio on there. It is a closet than needs cleaning and I am not avoidning it, I just don’t have time. But I need to make time. It is advertising that is not being utilized. Ah the one man show, no one for me to get mad at, no one to accuse of slacking. My boss has ridiculous expectations and such high standards. Sometimes I think I should quit and look for something different, but I know I will only be happy with this boss. She gets me to do some great work plus I know she really believes in me. 😉

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