This time of year….

Today is a wonderful, gorgeous day and I am grateful to be alive for it. It is a sun/moon day. That is what my kids and I call it when on our way to school we can still see the moon in the sky while seeing the sun at the same time. I told them years ago it is a sign of a very special day where amazing things could happen. That is one of my favorite phrases to hear from my kids. “Mommy! Look! It’s a sun/moon day! I wonder what wonderful thing will happen today!”

Things are so good with work. I am very, very busy. A commission comes in every few days. I have more design work than I can shake a stick at, and for the first time in a loooong time I have some extra moola in the bank. How nice is that??? I am not up at the studio nearly as much as I’d like, but people are taking cards and calling me. Thank goodness! I imagine most people wander back there and think that I don’t actually exist. But with all the things going on in my life right now it is just the best I can do. Personal issues have taken the front seat and that is just the way it is. I stop everything I am doing everyday to pick up my kids at 2:30pm. It is go, go, go until 8pm when it is bedtime. I occassionaly try to squeeze in work while sitting on my balcony with my laptop (oh thank you thank you for the inventors of the most amazing wireless concept!!). It is crazy days, but when are they not, right? You either choose to see life as the journey it is or always be frustrated that you never seem to get to your destination. Don’t we all realize by now that there is no ultimate goal to get met here? While frustrating sometimes, it is also amazing, and wonderful, and exciting to not know where tomorrow will bring me.

I do love life. I couldn’t be more grateful for getting to live it, hard times and all.

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