The bright side of life

These are strange days for me. Lots of personal ups and downs going on that I won’t get into here, but my life has changed fairly drastically in the past few months. I am doing what I need to do. It is hard and painful, challenging and also freeing. Up one day, down the next. But enough of that. Let’s talk about the good, wonderful things going on.

I got to meet the oh so lovely Tammy last week! She is one of those people who you immeadiately like from the moment you see them. We had lunch and I swear we just could have talked and talked and talked! This is one cool chick and lemme tell ya, I could not be happier that she is actually driving distance away!! Woohoo!! We are going to get together and rock the house with html code. Are we cool or what? I can haardly wait, look for updates about THAT meeting. I mean sure, html is so totally cool, but throw in a margarita or two and that, my friends, is a party!

And another as not to be named yet friend of mine has had a life dream come true. I won’t write about it here as it just happened and this news is hers to tell, but let me tell you I am on cloud nine for her. Amazing, amazing things going on and I cannot wait until the world knows how talented this woman is. I feel so privieged to be able to call her my friend. She is a constant source of inspiration for me. Congrats lovely lady!

In other news I began the first in a series of paintings for a show I will have in late Feb or early March. I don’t want to give anything away, but it is so much fun painting these particular paintings. I am pretty excited about them! The gallery is doing well and I am painting regularly. i still wish I could be there more, but this is what i can do right now. I am hoping, or have made it my goal that by June of this year I won’t have to take freelance work or hopefully part time work. I am about ready to move this whole endeavor to the next level. i just need to focus on what that looks like and what needs to be done to do it. What I don’t want to do is try too many things then fail at all of them because it was just not realistic. One thing at a time and then I can see what will work and what might not. Success is about not giving up when something does not work. Someone once told me that it seemed like no matter what I tried I succeeded at. To which I think whatever I was drinking shot out my nose! Yeah right! I cannot tell you how many things DID NOT work. How many times i crumpled up in a heap and declared i was “Done! Do you hear me world! Done! This making money from art thing sucks!!” The only difference is that after the pouty temper tantrum i picked myself back up, got a new goal, thought up a new idea, or just tried the old one again. It is about persistence, determination, and the ability to not act scared when you know inside you are actual scared sh*tless. It works. really. Don’t quit, a good cry or tantrum might be all you need. Then get back up and try it again. And again. And again. Oh, and this works for most things in life, not just your artistic dreams.

Ok, not sure where all THAT came from, but ok then. Back to work!

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