Operation Security: The Making of a Superstar!

Ok, ok, that is a bit tongue in cheek. But it seems oh, so appropriate with all the reality shows going on! But due to new life circumstances, I need a bit more security than “Oooh, I hope this month is a good month for freelance and commissions!” That is great and it has been working, but I need, um, for lack of a better word, MORE. So today begins my new plan for my future. I need to know that college funds will be there one day, money for emergencies, heck, just the elusive SAVINGS account. Huh, what’s that?? So today I begin doing all the things that are in my head. Some I haven’t done out of fear, some out of procrastination, some out of that thing we are not really sure of why we don’t just get off out butt and do. So I am not watching tv at night anymore. Not even if I can paint and watch my beloved Law and Order. (I a have an addiction, I admit it. Any 12 step programs to help me with that??) No, tv is a a time sucker, even if I do tell myself how Donald Trump is giving me great business tips. I need to be doing, not dreaming; Moving, not list making. Lists about what I want to do are great, but useless if I don’t actually DO them.

So here is where I will document what I do. And I will let you in on the triumphs and misses. Not failures people, there is NO SUCH THING. Just things that work, things that don’t and things that should be tried again and again until they do. Some of the things I need to do are submit my book proposal to the publisher I have had picked out since September, find a new licensing agent (my last one released me from my contract while encouraging me to find one that had clients better suited to my style – ouch.), I have a company in NYC interested in selling original art and posters and I need to get them some samples, I have a show to finish the paintings for and promote by contacting a rescue group. Some of these things will bring success, some will not work out, some will need to be fine tuned and tried again. It isn’t so much to do if I just begin. Oh and not watch tv. But I will share with you what works and what doesn’t. And maybe along the way I may find some of that security thing. I will keep you posted.

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