Listening to my dreams

Last night I had a dream to watch a certain movie. I have been wanting to see it and did not rent it because I am pinching my pennies as much as I can. But today will be a nice long workday and I think that my dream means I can spare the few bucks and pick it up on my way home. Tonite it’s just me, a glass of wine and my movie. Sounds lovely.

Oh, and who wants to see a sneak peek of one of my new paintings? Huh, do you? Do you? Sorry, got dogs on the brain. I will take a pic of the one I finish tonite. Maybe I shouldn’s show any of them early, but they will make you smile. And ain’t that what life is all about? The times we get to smile?

Speaking of, and now I am just a’ ramblin’ away, I saw Mr. Boo yesterday. The Chinese Crested dog. I need to post my pic of him! He sure made me laugh and smile! Some mean ol’ person decided to breed the ugliest, saddest looking dog on earth. And by golly, (by golly? I am in a strange mood today!) they did! So ugly he is cute. Well, not really, he is uglier than a mud fence, but he is my newest client and his mamma is the sweetest woman so I need to be nice!

Have a beautiful Friday lovies!

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