If you paint it, they will come….hopefully

Sneak peek at one of my paintings. This one is three feet by four feet. And I already don’t want to sell it because it will look so cool over my couch! I added the text in photoshop and this will b the promo postcard for the event. Not sure when or where but who needs to know those pesky details???

On another note I watched Il Postino, (the Postman) last night. I had not heard Pablo Naruda’s poetry before. Oh my…it will make you swoon. I certainly intend on reading this man’s work now! The movie is subtle. So beautiful. It gets it’s message across so softly without clobbering you over the head. It made me wish that I could craft words into images like that. It is a story about a man who was foerver changed because of a chance meeting with someone whose worked touched his soul. He found his passion because of another’s. Isn’t that what life is all about? Us all touching,r, connecting, inspiring, helping each other? This man woke up from his life and began to live, really live his life because of Pablo Naruda. If you love Italy, if you love words, if you love stories of quiet inspiration, go rent this. It’s beautiful.

And on one last final note…I am deliciously iced in. Yes, my parking lot ios a sheet of ice at the bottom of a hill. I have no guilt about doing nothing outside the house today! I have hours and hours to get my design work done then possibly work on something JUST. FOR. ME. Oh, the decadence!!

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