My two BIG dogs

I wish I could be as carefree as them. They are always happy. Always ready to love. Forever trusting and forever grateful. Even on days when I am out all day long, or even worse, when I am in and out all day. (this seems worse as I think they decide I am teasing them) They always love me just the same. They greet me in the morning as I stumble out of bed at 6:30am to make coffee and muffins (the add a cup of milk and mix and bake kind people, I am no susie homemaker!) They wait patiently at my side for the inevitable crust to get cut off the lunch sanwiches. They wait for the last few bites of muffin that does not get eaten when mommy begins with “Hurry! You have still have to brush your teeth!” They even will allow me to go drop the kids off at school if I run out of time to let them out. Because they know that at 8am, coffee in hand I am outside with them just a-throwin that stick 10 million times, or letting them run into the woods and explore. Then sometimes they really show me how much I need them. Like yesterday.

Yesterday it was gorgeous. Amazing. Spectacular. And I was in a foul mood. Mostly hormones I am sure, because the day before the weather had me grinning from ear to ear. I am not normally a rapoid mood swong kinda girl. ‘Cept once a month if ya know what I mean. I didn’t want to work. I didn’t want to dream. I didnt’ want to be cheered up. I sat on the couch and grimaced at life in general. Then Miss Lucy, my love, the sweetest, most polite dog on the planet nudged her nose under my elbow. I looked into those deep brown eyes and said, “Too bad dog! I ain’t going out!! So deal with them apples!” Hey, I’m no saint. But then Rufus got in on the act. They whined. They wimpered. They began playing chase in an apartment not meant for two 90 lb dogs. “Fine! I finally shouted. “You win! Let’s go!” I walked outside, down the stairs and sat my grumpy old self down on the cement steps. My dogs, however were in heaven. They leaped, they pranced, they tackled each other until they were, well, dog tired. By now I had leaned back and was laying on my back, my face to the sun and much to my disgust ENJOYING the sunshine. Then they both came over to me and each put a sloppy face in my lap. I am sure it was a site. They both were looking up at me like, “COME ON lady, this has GOT to make you smile!” And it did. We layed like that for about 20 minutes. The three of us enjoying the beautiful day. And I was reminded that animals are so vital to us because we humans can be pretty stupid and stubborn sometimes. We should all be more canine.

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