My kinda working weekend

Yesterday was the Oakhurst Wine Crawl. A film studio, Short and Sweet Studios, had called and asked me to hang some art on their walls for the event. You have to go see what these two women (Susan and Julie) do. So unique and so much fun!!

My sister, her new sister-in-law, and a bunch of my friends all came and we went around 19 different places sipping wonderful wines. It was so much fun! We only made it to about 8 places because they were not just pouring “tastes” a la Napa Valley. Oh no, these people were serious! The poured a half a glass at every place! So you can imagine by the 8th place you were feeling it! It was really wonderful because it was a great day, tons of people were everywhere and all so friendly! I mean who wouldn’t be when you are getting to walk all over town with as much wine as you can drink for $15?!? Happiness abounded!

I got recognized twice while I was out and about. It was pretty cool. I also got to overhear people talking about my art. I waited to make sure the comment was good, then introduced myself. People get so excited to meet an artist. I don’t think it is actually ME they get excited about, more the idea of me – or an artist that actually makes some money from something they love to do. I have a long way to go with all this, and when I get to meet others making a living from their passion no matter what it is, I so excited and inspired. “If they can do it, so can I” I think. (Unless it is a PMS day, then I am just sure I am destined to make tri-fold brochures for all my future days to come. hee) So anyway, here are some pics, it was fun. I should have taken more but after some (ok, a bunch) of the wine I kinda forgot abut pictures…

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