The Smurfs, Now in Technicolor!

So I am sitting with my laptop in my dad’s nice big ol’ comfy we don’t have kids that ruin things anymore leather chair and watching the Smurfs on their gigantic screen we get every channel on the planet because we don’t have kids anymore tv. Of course after all the money they spend on their grandchildren (ok, and thier kids) it’s a wonder they don’t live in a box…but I digress.

I am watching the Smurfs. I have not had cable in 5 years now. This stuff is still on???? I remember watching the Smurfs with my sisters on Saturday morning when I was my son’s age. Next is the Storks. Then the Littles. (Oh how I LOVED the Littles!!!) One by one my childhood keeps popping up in front of me. And my kids think I am so coolio because I know all the names of the cartoon characters and storylines. But then a minute ago Sophie gets me with this zinger: “Mom,” she says very matter-of-factly, “In your times were these all black and white?” I felt coolio until about a minute ago.

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