I felt like the Mayor of Munchkinville…

I have been really busy the past 3 weeks. Lots and lots of design projects which mean not so much time at the studio painting and LOTS of time in front of a computer. But bills need to be paid so computer work it is. And besides festival season is upon us and I will be back to painting all the time soon. Seasons for everything. And to digress a moment…CAN I BE MORE EXCITED IT IS OFFICIALLY SPRING!? Yes, I shouted that. In my head. For real. But anyway.

While I have been very busy with design jobs I did manage to get to my children’s career day at school. They booked me all day long and I talked to pre-k up to fifth grade about my art. What a treat. It was so wonderful. The kids really seem to love my art and hearing all about making a living as an artist. And yes, I told them that to make a living from art means working just as hard as any other profession. It doesn’t mean just sitting and drawing all day long. Ahhh, remember when you thought that? The good old days… But back to the story. I told them how you get an idea in your head for a book all the way to getting it to a publisher for consideration. I showed them my dummy book. And I read them my story. Now, my kids have read my book. And family and friends. But never alot of children at once. I figured it was a good test audience. And the coolest thing happened. I got a gleeful, giggly response with every turn of the page and illustration from the 4 year olds. Then when I read it for the fifth graders I got exactly the same response. It made my day. Then when the reading specialist at the school picked it up and told me she thought it was fantastic, well I could have possibly floated out the window. The kids asked wonderful questions about how I got started, how long I have been drawing and what art school is like. I told them that being an artist is in your heart, not on some degree (but still emphasized the absolute importance of education) One little boy raised his hand and said, “I know you! I’ve seen your art in a store! You’re famous!!” To which I responded, “Oh, no I’m not fam…Why, yes. Yes, I am!” (hee.)

Later when school was out and I was in the hall kids of all ages came up and hugged me and told me how much they loved my art. One little girl wanted my autograph. Another little girl came up to me and said, “Before today I didn’t think I was an artist, but now after meeting you and hearing you talk, I know I am.” Ummm, I think my heart might have exploded from joy into a million little pieces right then and there. I don’t think I’m so scared to get these book proposals out anymore. What an amazing day it was.

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