My lovelies

It’s spring break and I am getting to finally have some playtime with my babies. Yesterday I had a small dog event and afterward went out to eat with some lovely new friends whom my children approved with, “Awesome friends, Mom!” High praise from 6 and 8 year olds not easily impressed with adult company. Then we went to the art store and got lots of arts and crafts to do. We ended the evening with Crazy Eights and extra reading time with The Hardy Boys. Today was a walk to the park where we played and played and played. It was an absolutely gorgeous day and I took pictures to show you. My babies. My lovelies. They make me who I am and give me the courage to persue every dream I have. They say that I am the coolest. If they only knew that it is them that make me that way. I love them like breathing. They fill me with life. I adore being their mom. THEY are the coolest.

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