Thank God it’s Monday

Sometimes you need your routine to help you get back into the swing of things. While I worked all weekend and almost have a huge job finished, it was emotionally a rough weekend. But after a good night’s sleep and my kids back at home (one last day of spring break) I am feeling right again. I have two festivals this weekend to get ready for and some design jobs to get done. Time to chug along and get it all done. I am doing some new things to try and sell and thanks to a very sweet friend lending me a very nice matte cutter they will all be matted pieces of original art. Woohoo!

I am also going to post later here and on my homepage about some stolen art of mine. I had a whole box of art stolen out of my car about a week ago and I am sure somewhere that began the start of my getting down. It is the box I bring to the nursing homes, children’s hospitals and schools I go to and show samples of my art. I had three original illustrations to my children’s book, sculptures, a clock, stuffed Lucy and Rufus dolls, and a manuscript to a second book all stolen. (Plus a leather bag and walkman with my FAVORITE Ella Fitgerald cd in it!! But still more concerned about the art.) I want to post pics of as much as I can just in case they are not in a dumpster (I can hardly stand the thought) and MAYBE someone gave them to people. Everything is signed and there were business cards with everything so this person KNOWS who I am and where my studio is. Perhaps if someone recieved a piece of my art they will look up my website and see that the art was actually stolen. It’s worth a shot. And I will say this, I would rather not get any of it back and hope it is with someone who likes it than to think that it got dumped somewhere. All I really want back is the book illustrations. They were my favorites.

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