Girl Time

Just The Soph and I went up to N.C. while Noah went to Space Camp at NASA in Florida. (Got a whole post about that one – but I am sure you can imagine the proudness behind that one.) So we had special girl time. Grandma, Sophie and I. So much fun. For those of you with more than one child, you know that alone time with just one is rare and precious. We love all our children so much, but it can be so hard to get one on one time and be able to appreciate their unique qualities. Sophie is such a delightful, independent, stubborn, wonder-filled, chaotic ball of sunshine. Nothing scares her and she is not intimidated by anyone. For real, she AMAZES me. I learn from her all the time. When I get scared of some situation I think about how she would act. I am not kidding. She totally inspires me! So here is to The Soph. The most amazing little girl I ever knew. (and thank you mom for the fantastic pictures documenting my special time with my baby girl.)

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