This was from a perfect two days this past summer. Oh, how I adore the beach. I never tire of it and one day I will live there. When did my little boy become a young man? I can see the teenager in him coming out. He is more a preteen now than a little boy. He gets embarressed if I call him baby anywhere near his friends, but still is sweet enough to say he is sorry for acting embarressed later on when we are alone. He turned nine in August. He has me heart in the palm of his hand. I will never be able to thank him enough for making me a mother and being the perfect baby. He really was. And lordy, so cute. He is one of those kids that you can see the resemblance all the way back to their baby pictures. (where Sophie seems to change so much from year to year.) This boy is the reason I had the courage to put my art out there. When he was ten months old I had him on my hip and walked into a gallery with some art and asked them to sell it. They did. I sold a piece that day. I was shaking in my boots when I walked in, but did it for my son.

I want to show my children that this life is truly what we make it. We get to decide. We can drift along and float where the current takes us, or find the wave we are looking for and race ahead into new territory for a while. I think a blend of both is good. I have been drifting the past spring and summer not sure where the current was taking me. This fall I am riding a wave and racing towards some dreams. I have no notions that I won’t occassionally get wiped out and swept under, but I have the knowledge that there will be an endless stream of waves to catch after I come up, catch my breath and look around for it. Life doesn’t give you just one chance at anything. But you do have to look and around and be ready for the next wave when it comes.