Today I am so grateful for:

1. My kids come home today after a long weekend away. Lordy do I miss them!

2. My new dryer that – get this- dries a load in half an hour!! It was taking me about 8 – 12 hours to dry a load before. I cried when my sheets dried in one session this morning. I actually cried.

3. That I have seen 2 fanatastic movies in just over a week. Shop Girl and Elizabethtown. They are the kinds of movies that just stay with you and seem into your heart. On a side note, Shop Girl is the first movie I ever, ever went to alone. I cannot believe how much I enjoyed it. I certainly will be doing it again. And I saw Elizabeth town with a great friend and we both cried our way through it. Girlfriends are so cool like that. oh and the soundtrack ROCKS!!

4. I have lots of work that is keeping me a bit too busy, but certainly so much better than the alternative.

5. I am so inspired to do new art that I have sketches all over for when I have time to paint them.

6. I am donating holiday art for fundraising to a woman that runs a dog rescue in Peru and also started an art therapy program for deaf and mute children in Peru and I think i may be going down there in June to paint a mural with the local children – and I might be able to bring my kids!! I am so honored that she wants my art for such wonderful things.

7. I am grateful for the extra warm November days. It feels as if I am getting one more chance to say goodbye to summer.

8. I am grateful that I paid my car off last month and I actually didn’t spend the car payment money this month. It is still in the bank. Woohoo!!

9. I am so grateful for my parents that have always been so good to their children and taught me what being a parent really, truly means. I honestly can’t imagine how I would have survived this year without their emotional support.

10. I am grateful that while I have no idea what in the world God put me on this earth for, that I get to wake up each day in a warm bed and can try to figure it out for one more day.

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