Thanksgiving went a little something like this:

Walk into kitchen after 4 hour drive.
Talk with mom and sister.
Have a drink.
Talk to kids on phone.
Talk more to mom and sister.
Play with niece and talk with brother in law.
Have another drink.
Play more with niece outside – teach her how to crunch leaves and listen to the sound, a favorite of mine. (she is 15 months old)
Talk with dad and other brother in law that just got back from golf.
Have some scotch that dad brought back from Scotland this summer.
Drink that slooow.
Help set table with mom.
Clear table, make coffee, set out dessert.
Eat half a piece of pie before I realize I might ACTUALLY explode!!

Wake up at 11am after sleeping 12 hours in a food induced coma.
Have a cup of coffee.
Run 4 miles hoping to help fend off the damage from the day before.
Drive 4 hours home.
Didn’t get hungry until Saturday.

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