This is for all the female work at home-rs

Ok, you know who you are. Just a little shout out to any woman working at home or contemplating it. Let me tell you, and this WILL happen. I PROMISE. One day when your life is all sun shiny and you are all, “Wow, I rock. I mean, some people SAY they rock, but I really, really rock. Cause like, I am all coolio living my dreams and such. And my itunes is all cranked up and I have like, TONS of work to do and I am busy and bills are paid for the month and get this, even rent for next month!” You will think, “Does life get any freaking better than this?!” And when your dad writes you and your sisters and he starts the letter with “Ladies,” and your heart swells with love because your dad rocks. He really, really does. And you think about how so many people have crappy dads and your dad is like the most awesome dad in the WORLD and you love him more than you can express and you hope that he knows that and gets that and you think he does because when you go running with him like you did since you were in sixth grade it is still the same. You still connect with him and he still makes you feel safe and secure and that the world is truly a beautiful, lovely place, you think he knows it. But, I digress. When he writes and says that he just put the deposit down on the MOST AWESOMEST of beach houses, like the one you WILL live in some day, and he asks if we can all chip in AND for the first time in YEARS, you can ACTUALLY GIVE YOUR SHARE, you really, really think, “CAN LIFE GET ANY BETTER???” But. Then.



Lovely talented, creative ladies. You will have a day where you wake up, and despite all the lovely splendor you have manifested in your life by believing in your dreams and having the balls (ha! ironic ladies!) to persue them, you know what will happen? You will awake with PMS. And no matter how cool, and together and awesome you are and how how awesome work has been, you will wake up and your body will betray you. It will fill you with hormones that will tell you how crappy you are, how much better you could be doing if only you worked harder, for those of you with children you will think that if you were REALLY a good mom you would go get a “real” job and take care of them the way society tells you you should, you will wonder what the hell you are doing and you will want to run and hide or get under the covers and you will have no desire to work. None. Nada. And it will be terrible. And clients will call and you will NOT ANSWER. Gasp!! And you just KNOW, that this day is going to cause your whole business to go under. But.

But I am here to tell you that the pms will pass and tomorrow will come and you will have to stay up for like 3 days in a row until 1am to make up for blowing off your day and feeling sorry for yourself, but you will be ok. Really. It will be ok. And all those resumes you sent out in your delusion that you could not possibly be successful working for yourself? Well, don’t worry, because the hormones will have faded back to where ever lost socks go and when they call for an interview you can say you are no longer looking for full time emplyment, thank you very much.

But really. It will happen. Promise. And don’t worry about that shot of vodka you did at 1 pm IN THE AFTERNOON to get you through it. No one was watching. Really. Who said working from home had no “benefits?” Heh.

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