Does anyone else feel like there is not enough time for everything and that at the very same time I feel like I waste time all day long. I feel like I don’t have a spare second and feel lazy at the same exact moment. I feel guilty when I don’t do anything. Take yesterday for instance. My parents have my kids for a few extra days after Christmas. I had to come back home to work on some design projects. Yesterday I finish doing coding for a website, upload it and send it off to the client for approval and final edits. Then I did some comp cards for another client and uploaded proof of another web design. All the while I am thinking about one other web design and the three paintings I have to do. So I feel busy and productive. But the whole time I am listening to music and stopping to play wiht the dogs. So I also feel like I am enjoying my day. Perhaps too much? At one point I take a break and go get my car registration done, get my car an emmissions test, go to the bank then stop at the grocery store. On a whim I buy a paperbackbook that looks like it could be a fun, quick read and I begin to daydream about a bath. As an aside, I normally never buy purely entertainment novels. They are usually historical fiction. See? Even in my “Fun” reading I feel it should some how be enhancing me. It’s not like it helps anyway, I am still a complete dunce when it comes to Trivial Pursuit and I get to the geography and news categories….I know, I know…don’t even say it. So now I have incentive to get the rest of my “to do” list done. I will take a bath! My sister got me this fantastic bath kit for Christmas…perfect! But then I get home and look at my bedroom. Hmmmm, not much relaxing in the tub knowing I have all this laundry to put away. And just look at my drafting table! So I finish my last project, put on more music and clean my bedroom. Ahhhhh…that feel better. But then. oh my. How long has it been since I scrubbed my tub? And look at my sink. Do I have a bald spot? Because with the amount of hair I lose I must be going bald! So I go get the tilex and begin scrubbing down everything. Until it is shiny, shiny, shiny. Ok, it is 6:30pm. I decide I have earned my bath. I get in and begin to read my book. An hour later I am totally into this book. It is like a bag of doritos. I simply cannot stop reading it. It is so decadent and sinful. (and get your mind out of the gutter, it is not THAT kind of novel) Just a pure fun girly romantic novel. This can’t be that bad? I am enjoying myself! Surely that is reason enough to do this much more often! Right? I get out of the bath, check email (Oh, and yeah, NO ONE else in their right mind seems to be working this week, so not one of my clients is responding, cause they actually know when to take a break like the rest of the world) Ahem, anyway. So I read my book until midnight and finish it. It was wonderful. Made me lugh out loud several times. So relaxing. And I only feel a smidge guilty about all the other things I could have done. If I had had more time I sould have done a painting. I am sure of it. Ok, maybe not. Now if I could just stop feeling guilty every damn time I relax and enjoy it!

Hope you are all having a wonderful and relaxing holiday!!