Ok, internet that I love so much and by that I mean all the lovelies that read my blog, I have a question. In recent days I have had quite a popularity spike in my stats. And it is a curious thing. And while I would love to believe that the world has FINALLY recoginzed all my greatness and coolness, I think perhaps there could be another reason. Maybe. The referring link is from an uploaded picture of my daughter Sophie from her first swim meet. Like a billion (yes, I mean it a BILLION) people have clicked on that link of The Soph and come to my blog. Hey, now I love a billion (for real, I mean it, a BILLION) people coming to check out my mundane lil’ ol’ life, but…. really? Where are they all coming from and why? But meanwhile, Hello Italy! (totally wanna visit you!) hello Denmark! (I am TOTALLY Danish – did y’all know that – southern Danish), hello Turkey! (that is a total shout out to this super cool chick whose blog I totally cannot even understand but she illustrates totally cute things and from what I can gather writes about yummy food – so hello to you totally cool Turkish chick!) and on and on. So any of you new people wondering how you came to visit the site of a dog lover, artist, single mom, lover of life kinda chick, kinda freaky scared to death but willing to risk it all to have the life she really wants girl, drop me a comment and let me know how you found me! I TOTALLY am intrigued. How cool is this internet thing! Thank you again Mr. Al Gore! You totally rock!!! ( I love all of you that get that reference by the way.)

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