Something Big

I’ve had a feeling for the past 6 months that something was coming. Somthing big was bubbling under the surface. Last week it exploded all over the place and either I ignored it and went about my nice safe life or I decided to risk everything and go for it. I went for the risk. And all I can say, is that every door has been swinging wide open so that there is no mistaking I have done the right thing. I haven’t a doubt. And the days ahead will surely hold excitement and plenty of fear. But ya know what, I have that anyway, so why not go for having the dream life I want. I cannot tell the details just yet until all the legalities are in place, but in the next few days I will announce a major, MAJOR event in my life. A dream come true. The life I have imagined is now right in front of me and all I have to do is have the courage to go forward. A special person in my life told me to burn my ships with this one so that there is no going back. Today I burned the last ship and have no choice but to walk in the direction I have chosen and go for it. I have never been more excited and scared in my life. It is thrilling and breathlesss and makes me feel so alive. And I have had more people come to me and tell me that they have no doubt that this will be a great success. I have been so touched by how people in my life have supported me and told me how much I inspire them. Many of you close to me are reading this right now and wondering why you don’t know what I am talking about. It is because I don’t want you to worry and I love you and I know with all my heart this will work. And I will tell you before I tell the world on the internet. I just have to get some things finalized. I feel like everything in the past ten years has been leading me to this moment. Stay tuned…

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