Ok, just keeping everyone updated on the goings on. Cause I know y’all (oh see that southern thing come out? Hard to believe I am a jersey girl, huh? Yay New Jersey!!) want to know all about the crazyness for when you do it. Open your own business, I mean. I’ll try and let you know all my mistakes so you can sidestep them. But so far I seem to be doing ok. I have called all my business owner friends and picked their brains. And I have to tell you, I have already saved myself quite a chunk of change by asking others what they did. I am joining the Decatur Business Association and the Decatur Arts Alliance tomorrow. It is ALL about being connected and letting people know about you. I will be painting my signage tomorrow. Might take longer than expected as it has rained all weekend and supposed to until Tuesday which means the primer for the wood will take forever to dry. Why paint the sign yourself, you ask? Good question. It will save me about $800 – $1000. And I think it is worth every penny saved. Plus I am a perfectionist and I know that I want it exaclty how I want it. Then I am painting interiors which will include a mural in the classroom. Might as well advertise to the parents that I am available for mural work too. See? Now you get it…gotta let them know about all your skills all the time. Don’t be shy, sell yourself. I am also making a flyer/poster to go hang at all the local corkboards that I use for my pet portrait art information. Never, ever under estimate free advertising people. A little bit of hoofing it pays off like you would not believe. And never under estimate the corkboard outside your local Starbucks. Traffic baby, mondo traffic. Take advantage of our nation’s addiction to coffee. Let’s see? What else? Contacting other local artists to get their art in the gallery.

See what I am doing here? Sure I may be sharing business ideas, but I am really just typing my to do list and my have done list. I still have to go to Sam’s Club and get my business membership to get my nifty cash register and get my Quick Books software so I can track every penny. I am hoping my lawyer will have my business paperwork done this week so I can open my bank account with Little Peeps on it. (That will rock!) I also seem to be flooded with ideas for paintings to do as well. I have pulled over to sketch out an idea a bunch of times this week. Seems multi-taking starts the creative juices flowing.

So all in all life is fantastic. Don’t get me wrong, I am still scared out of my mind and I have these HUGE flashes of self doubt and panic, but I just breath deep and pretend I know what the heck I am doing. You’d be surprised how well that technique works. Oh, and hey mom and dad, cause I know right now I am not so available to talk and I know you are reading this lately as a means to find out about your crazy middle daughter: Your grandchildren are fabulous, Sophie’s talent show went great. She is such character and belted out Sunshine and Lollipops like such a champ it would make Lesley Gore proud! They are being so supportive of the gallery and they are the coolest kids ever. Ever. Which doesn’t mean they don’t bicker like cats and dogs and that Soph still can’t throw a tantrum like no ones business if you forget to order her a calzone at the pizza place, but hey, they’re kids. Mental note to self and anyone else ever dealing with Sophie in a a pizza situation: Do not, I repeat, DO NOT forget the calzone. The girl can hold a grudge. Uh. Huh. I have no idea where she gets her stubborness from. None.

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