You won’t believe it if I told ya…

Because I don’t actually have my business license, and because I still need a nice, older, southern gentleman to give me my occupation certificate and to ok my fire inspection, and even though I doubt said nice, southern, older gentleman reads blogs, I will not tell you of the insanity in the past few days. I won’t tell you how I almost got ‘thrown into jail’ as in “you best not be rollin’ your eyes at me! I told you to get out that house! I can throw you in jail! And don’t think I won’t!!” Yeah as in that. Cause I was washing windows without a permit. Yeah….not even kidding. So I went down to city hall (all 600 square feet of it) and smoothed things out. I am now allowed back into my gallery to paint. All it took was some eye batting and well….let’s just wait until I have all my permits to tell the rest of the story. But… GOOD. LORD. Small towns have awful big egos that need to be stroked. Cause apparently, creating a warm, nurturing and creative environment for children is not something that people take lightly. Maybe they thought I said, “Oh, yeah, I am opening up a SEX shop. Yes, with neon lights and sirens and I will be open 24 hours a day!! Isn’t that a splendid idea for our little arty town of Decatur??” Well, that is what it seems they heard. But like I said, once I went and explained the vision, people seemed to get it and it is said I could, might have a business permit by Tuesday. No kidding! Only 3 city officials, calls to 2 more city officials, one call to a landlord, and two jailtime threats to get there. You think my last post was bad? That was a warm up!

Right now I am home taking a lunch break and feeding and playing with the poor neglected dogs. Poor things, I am never home the past 2 weeks. The kids are at their dad’s which means I can be working until late. Apparently all the stress of paperwork can make you sick because yesterday I took a three hour nap then went to bed at 10pm. I was exhasuted. And I have not even started the painting. Well, I did today. I am painting the sign and the first room. Y’all, let me tell you something. This is hard! And it is even harder when you try to paint yellow over taupe. One stroke and I realized I am in for at least two if not three (oh painting gods have pity on me and please only make it two) coats of yellow. I was painting the two front rooms yellow. Might rethink that depending on how this room goes. It is only 3pm and I could go to sleep now. I might be sick, because I am never, ever this tired, but it could be the stress of the past few weeks catching up with me. It does not matter the show must go on. Time to go back to work. Just thought I’d let you all know what’s up. And that I’m not in jail. Cause if I was I would expect all of you to come visit with cakes with files in them. Or to come bail me out. Ya know, whichever.

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