Painting Update

Yeah, the painting gods gave me a big ol’ thumb down on the two coats of yellow. It took three and I can see a few spots which will require a spot 4th coat. Made an executive decision to NOT make the second gallery yellow. It is going to be a beautiful shade of cotton candy blue that after testing was found to only need two coats. Thank you Home Depot and your $5 gallon Oops paint! I heart you. I am tired, but happy. So excited. I am covered in paint and I get giddy when I catch myself in the middle of singing with Ella or Dino or THE man, Johnny Cash and I realize that there is no other place or moment I would rather be having. That rocks. Oh, and to those of you reading this that might think I actually believe in painting gods now, have a sense of humor sweethearts*. I know there are no paint gods. I mean, with the sun god, moon god, and enchanted wood nymph god, there really can’t be room for painting gods, right? Geez, I’m not that crazy.

*And for those of you not getting this reference, don’t worry. And for the record, yes, I believe in my dear sir Darwin. And chimps don’t have tails, that’s monkeys. And crazy, but I do actually believe in God and I am pretty sure he believes in me. You respect me and I’ll respect you. Say one more time I’ve turned my back on God and I’ll have the painting gods come get you while you’re sleeping. For reals. One eye open my friend, one eye open. Or you’ll awake and be a nice shade of lemon yellow in the morning.

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