One yellow room, 3 to go. Still.

I have a beautiful, bright yellow room. Gee, have I said that already? Today I hope, hope, hope to finish the signage for outside. It is taking so much longer than I anticipated. But the lettering is very meticulous. I finished one whole side yesterday and it did look pretty darn good. Damn double-sided signs! But exposure on a busy street coming and going. That’s what I’m talking about. But I do wish I was more than one person. Or that I didn’t want to do it all myself. Or that the people I trust that would be as anal retentive as I am could just quit their jobs this week and come help. Come on friends, if you really loved me you would quit that silly contract job and paint! Money-shmoney…. Or really, other friend, can’t you lock your three year old in a closet with some pop tarts and juice boxes for a few days? He won’t remember that in a few years. Kids are resilient! No? Sigh. Thought not.

Anyhoo, I talked to my best friend the building inspector yesterday and he informed this “young lady” that he was getting to me and my paperwork just as fast as he could and he would call when it was ready. Yippee! So now just have to contact my liability insurance agent for my quote, the security system people, hope my Articles of Incorporation (so fancy!) get filed soon so I can open my bank account, finish the painting, finish the decor, figure out the hanging system, get information out to the parents, oh yeah, get the cash register and figure out which of a billion ways I can accept credit cards. Oh, and let me tell you about sales calls. They are relentless. And everyone and their mother apparently has the best credit card machine and price. And when you say send the information and you will call them back once you have researched it, they will call YOU back, like 5 times a day. Oh, yeah, harrassement is always SUCH a good customer service feature! Well, guess what merchant service in Pheonix, Arizona?? You have now annoyed me so much that while you were high on the list, there is now NO CHANCE I am going with you. Feel pretty stupid now, dontchya? Yeah, go sulk. Michelle hates begging.

Ok, I’m off to paint. Tune in tomorrow for another exciting episode of: “I jes paint and paint and paint ma lil’ heart out and it jes never seems to make a dent…”

It’s still a good tired. And if anyone took any of this as complaining, not a chance. I am loving every crazy second of it. And yes, still scared to death. I fake my confidence every moment. Good thing that works!!

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