happy, happy, blue blue

I finished the sign! Oh lordy, lordy does that make me happy! I picked up the kids from school and brought them over to the gallery for the first time since they came with me to see it for the first time. It looks like Home Deopt blew up in there, but I think they were excited by the yellow room and now the finished blue room! then they saw the sign and were pretty excited. It turned out pretty awesome. It is huge. And heavy. At least 100lbs. It is 57″ x 46″ and I bought molding and mitered the ends at 45 degree anges and spray painted them black and nailed them on so it looked like a gian picture frame. One I did all that twice. I have to admit it took 5 days and yesterday there was a break down moment.

Between the stress and hormones and feeling like I had been working on the sign with no end in site I broke. I called up my best friend in Dallas and as soon as I heard her voice I started sobbing. Luckily, being a girl and knowing I was not really asking her to fix anything, she just listened and I cried (while painting little white lettering) and telling her it was so much. So much. And I didn’t see how it could all be perfect by the time I wanted to open. And even if it was, what if it doesn’t work? What if no one comes? What if every room takes four coats of paint!? What if no one ever orders another painting from me again? What if I never, ever finish this damned sign!!??? She listened, sweet girl and then told me that I would get everything done the way I want it even if it means staying up 10 days in a row with no sleep (cause the girl knows me and is as big a perfectionist as I am when it come to art proejcts. house cleaning is another story. She could give Martha a run for her money. Me? martha who?) that people would indeed come, kids would take lessons, and that I am due a big old crybaby session every once in a while just to break the stress and tension. And suddenly I felt so much better. She pointed out how much I HAD gotten done and helped me realize that this is an on-going process and while I won’t have it perfect by the time my doors open, I will have it looking really, really great. And today I went in and finished the sign. Then painted a whole room blue. Done. And tomorrow I paint a room pink. (my office, yes I am a girly girl sometimes) I feel like I have gotten past a few hurdles. Still a lot of work, but finally today I saw progress. Another friend of mine came over today and she is going to help me do some simple landscaping in two weeks. I will have some pretty azaleas in front that would look so sweet when they bloom in March and April.

So things are going. I will post some pics very soon. I am deciding if I want to wait until it is all done or let you all see the works in progress. But I WILL show you pics of the sign hanging tomorrow!!

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