Green and pink

The pink and the green room got done today thanks to my awesome friend, Maggie. She totally rocks. Not only did she help me finish two rooms up in one day, she also entertained me by singing and talking about random subjects. Maggie, girl, you certainly make sure there is no boredom. But then, that is pretty normal for us as whenever she comes over to watch a movie we end up just talking for hours. Aren’t friends like that great?

So all I have left that I really want to paint is the hallway. It is very large and will be used as a third gallery space. After that I just need to touch up porch railings and various wall trim and window panes. Then I just have to get furniture. Then I need to get the art on the walls. Then I need to get displays up for the other types of retail. What kind you ask? Well, you will just have to wait and see. Cause most of it I really don’t know yet. I do, but most of it is in my head, and one thing at a time, people. Oh yeah aand open the bank account so I can have access to money and all. Hello, secretary of state, would y’all mind getting on my paperwork and making me all official so the bank takes me seriously and lets me deposit a big ol’ check into your institution to get to money I really could use right about now… Yeah. Right. Just paid all my bills and all and need to buy stuff. And so I have all this business-y stuff to do still and wouldn’t ya know that all I want to do is paint my little heart out with acrylic and canvas and get every idea in my head out. I’m dyin’ here! So much to do and while I know I have to be patient and do it in the right order I feel so completely excited that soon I will have all this space to work in! And create! Art! No more living room, oh who am I kidding, ottoman studio late at night, no more office right next to my bed. No more filing my jobs all over the bed. No more drafting table to catch my hip on everytime I leave the bedroom. So excited!!! And terrified. Just, ya know, to give it all perspective, I am having not just daily, but perhaps hourly panic attacks. I call up a friend when they occur and say, “What the hell? How did you let me do this?? Why did you let me stop taking my meds???” (just kidding, it’s a joke, I use alcohol to cope, not meds people. sheesh.) Luckily they all seem to say the same thing. That I will do great, and this is a good idea. Either they all think that, or there is a big ol’ plot against me and all my friends want to see me fall on my face. But I doubt it. Most of my panic attack friends don’t even know each other. Which will make the grand opeing so much fun. Cause so many of them will be there. So cool. Ok, it is late, and I need to go to bed. I have a hallway to paint in the morning.

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