If I can’t have the beach house now, I’ll bring the beach house to me!!

So when you ask my kids, “Where will mommy be when Sophie goes to college?” They both answer in unison: “The beach!” Anyone who knows me knows I have a um, slight, er, obsession with the beach. I would live there year round if I could. I don’t just want to live near a beach, I want to live on the beach. Ya know, one of those amazing houses with three floors with my studio on the top floor with a windows walk and lots of light and where the whole family comes up all summer long and you have at least three generations at a time there. Where you have a wrap around deck that you all sit on in the evening sipping a glass of wine watching the kids run around on the sand below while you watch the sun set and talk late into the night to the lovely scent of salt water wafting in the air… not that I have thought about it at all. Uh, no. Not too much. So anyway, I figure I have 10 years to get my life to the point that I can afford to send both my kids to college AND buy my beach house. Cause ya know, how cool would it be for my kids to say, “Hey man, why don’t you come to my house for spring break, my mom has this killer beach house!” What? Artists are known for their vivid imaginations. And you have to visualize to make it happen, people. So anyway. This amazing dream of mine happening now is all part of the plan. The beginning. And I am in love with this house y’all. In. Love. It is quirky and tilty and so old. And I love it. And it loves me, I can tell. This house has been waiting for me to come in and paint it beach house colors. Bright, happy colors. I swear last night when I finished the hallway it sighed in deep contentment. (see? back on the meds!) I still have the kitchen and bathroom, but I will leave that until last. The walls in those rooms are a nice taupe color and in nice shape. So when everything else is done I will paint those. But now this lady needs to get furniture in there and art on the walls. And enjoy my beach house in Decatur. I took these pics last night at 6pm. It was just dark outside and the house was so warm and cozy and the colors were just so happy. Have a look, don’t you hear my house sighing a nice happy sigh? Yeah, you hear it to. Admit it.

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