Today was a good day. I have accomplished so much in the past three days. I have had wonderful people in my life helping me and I am learning that it is ok to not only need help, but to accept it. I could not have gotten the things done this weekend and today that I did, without these people. There were truly things I had no expertise in and even if I had wanted to just roll up my sleeves with determination and do it, I could not have. Like, install a utility sink in my class room. Or make a table. Or install track lighting, or wire an Exit sign. It is very hard for me to admit I cannot do IT ALL. And boy, do I try. I am still kind of stunned that people are so willing to help me with all of this. And so selflessly. I can’t express how much it means to me that people, some who have only known me a short while, and some a longer while, believe in me so much. It gives me so much strength and courage and helps me in the moments of “what was I thinking?!?!”

Today Noah and Sophie came to the gallery after school for the first time in over a week. A lot has gotten done. Noah was sitting on a couch in my office that is becoming cozier by the moment, and said, “Ya know mom, when you showed us this place the first time, with the dead birds on the floor and the trash everywhere I thought you were crazy. But now, I get it. And it is great. Mom, you are doing a really good job.” Yeah, and it is moments like that that a mom lives for. I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t doing all this for me, of course I am. I am making my passion a reality. But, in the end it is all for Noah and Sophie. My lovelies.

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