Coming along, coming together.

Wow. I can’t believe it is coming together. I have paintings hung with many more to hang, tons of things still to do, but there are moments as I am walking from one room to the other that it takes my breath away. Have you ever envisioned something in your head and then had the opportunity to see it manifested? It is not that often for me. Usually it is close, or sort of, or pretty darn near what was in my head, but this…This is almost like, I don’t know what. Like when I went out shopping for 7 hours on Friday looking for the perfect things to put in here. People asked to help. “What do you need, I will look for it and pick it up for you.” they would ask. “I don’t know,” was my reply. “But I’ll know it when I see it.” It is like not even seeing it in my head, but feeling it in my heart. Knowing this is right, or this is wrong. Trusting in my instincts. I have managed for the most part, to do that with this whole process and I think that is why everything is working so well. I have never been more overwhelmed by the generosity of friends, family and strangers in my life. I tell perfect strangers what I am doing, and they offer to help. Or random things end up on my back porch that someone dropped off because they thought I could use it. Not just once, many times. I have cried often before I have gone to bed these past few weeks not out of fear or frustration – tho there has been plenty of that – but out of joy and gratefulness. I try not to question too much why I seem to be getting my dream handed to me. Which, yes I am working hard, but I love every moment of it. It somehow seems like cheating when everything you do you adore. I know I have worked for 10 years selling art in local shops and galleries, moving up to festivals, having my own tiny studio a year back…But this? I am, like I said before, overwhelmed. I am so grateful, I don’t think I have words to fully describe it. I hope with all my heart that people walk into this house and are as overwhelmed with happiness, love, joy and gratitude as I feel when I am in here. Because I feel like I radiate joy when I am in this house. And I can hardly wait to have it filled up with people I love next Saturday to share in my joy. Any of you that read this and live near Atlanta, please, PLEASE come by!!I would love to see you!!

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