Almost there.

I am very tired as I write this. I wake up as tired as I fall asleep. But time is closing in on me and there is so much more I would like to do. It is coming to the moments of realization that certain projects will not be possible for the opening. I wonder why I constantly look at what still COULD be done or is NOT done instead of looking at all that HAS GOTTEN done in 6 weeks time. I guess I am trying to paint that picture in my head and I want it as close as possible. It is pretty darn close. Right now I have a houseful of contractors installing a fire alarm and security system. By the way, when you go to open your business, PRICEY. Expect shock and awe at the quote. Expect tears. Then pick your little ol’ self off of the floor and figure it out. It still smarts, but they won’t give you your occupation certificate without it, and uh, yeah so I still don’t have my business license. Yes, I open in 2 days. No, I’m not nervous. Or panicked. Or completely freaking out. Luckily I do have about 20 things on my to do list that HAVE to get done before Saturday, so I don ‘t have much time left for worrying. It will happen. There is no other choice.

In the meantime I will leave you with some feel good words. Here is the artist statement that hangs outside the front door of Little Peeps Art Gallery:

You are about to enter Little Peeps Art Gallery. Inside you will find things that should make you smile and laugh, grin and giggle. It is a place built on dreams and hopes. It is a place where can’t, shouldn’t and don’t are not allowed. It is a place that has been forming since a little girl made a cat sculpture in second grade over 25 years ago and thought she would get rich by selling them from signs posted on telephone polls. It is a place where what you wish for most in the world seems not just possible, but likely. It is a place where children of all ages are welcome and encouraged to remember or realize what dream they have in their heart and want to let out. It is not just about art, but believing in yourself. Everything within these walls was created by hand and with love. Every single piece of art is unique and should you choose to give a piece of art from here a home, you can be sure no one else will ever have anything in the world exactly like it. I hope you enjoy your visit and I promise that at the very least, you will leave with a smile. I welcome you to my dream, I hope it helps encourage yours.

Most fondly,

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