An amazing day…

it started out cold and wet and rainy and icky. The day before was 65 degrees and sunshiny. It was the worst possible weather one could have for a children’s event. It was miserable out. And it turned out better than I could have ever hoped. Parents brought their kids in all afternoon. From the moment the open house and the arts and crafts began, I had a houseful of children. It was amazing. See for yourself. (The evening party was great, but the children stole my heart and I felt more at home than I ever have before. A quick story that will melt your heart: A two year old little, blond boy named Marshal finished a painting. I asked him if I could hang it up in the hall gallery. He said yes and I asked him to watch me. I helped him pick out just the right little clothespin to hang it with. He then watched as I hung it up. Afterwards, we both took a step back and admired his work. Then he said, “Wow, I did a pretty good piece of art, didn’t I?!” And he walked over to his mom beaming. That moment was what this whole thing is about. Enjoy the pics!

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