And how was YOUR day???

Got to go for a three mile run this morning and felt sooo good. Then promptly got a parking ticket this morning that, as you can imagine made me very happy. I parked for, I kid you not, thirty seconds with my hazards on in a handicapped space in front of Starbucks to drop off the caraffe from the coffee they donated for my opening. I actually have to go to court for parking illegally for 30 seconds. Niiiice. Wonder how much the free coffee will cost me? Oh, and so the police woman was of course being such a um, rhymes with witch. Would not listen to me or anything. And I know I was wrong, but seriously, 30 SECONDS. So I get all pissy, right? Meanwhile there is another guy who got a ticket and threw a holy hissy fit and three more officers showed up. My officer keeps being such a lovely woman that I do finally get upset, but I know better than to say anything. So finally she gives me my ticket and I swing open my door, and sit down in a huge huff. Right on top of my yogurt I had brought for breakfast and had fallen out of my purse and onto my seat – sending a peach explosion of yogurt EVERYWHERE. So then, after slamming the door in a huge spectacle in front of all the officers to make a point of my irritation, I have to get out with yogurt all over my um, rumpus maximus to clean it all up. And they got to see all of it. Sigh. Wonderful moment. And how was YOUR day??? (and yes, you may laugh, I can now, it just took a few hours.

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