I have been in the studio painting all day today. Doing my JOB. Can you believe it? I am SUPPOSED to paint now! I did two new paintings today and am finishing a third. I have to say, being here all day certianly keeps me productive. This week I had a toddler class, signed up a 6 year old for children’s class, went out to a house from someone who came to my open house for a mural consulation, finished a poster design, did a commission (my first one here and they came to ME to pick it up!!), and had a woman contact me about a custom order of paintings for a grooming shop she is opening in South Carolina! Not bad for my first week. I have a few other things in the works that I hope to be announcing soon as well. (and just to keep it real, I have also had at least a dozen panic attacks most of which involved tears – yes, I am still scared to death about what I have taken on!)

The lovely thing about being here is that now all the ideas I have I can just do. There have been so many half begun ideas or series of paintings in the past few years. Now I can do them. I might start an ebay store or sell from my website. Since I don’t have to share half with a gallery owner anymore I can price my art a bit more affordably. So we’ll see. I still am taking every freelance desing job that comes along, but one day I will be able to just paint. I was so worried about moving my computer here. But a magic thing happened this week when I did. I actually got all my work done by 6pm! And when I went home I was able to relax. I can’t compulsively check my email or get back online to work a bit more. There is actually a lot of freedom not having my design computer at home. I do have one for emailing at home, but I didn’t even bother the past few nights. It was nice to catch up on my housework (oh my, does working like crazy for 6 weeks take a toll on the house!!) I did laundry last night, cleaned every nook and cranny and now tonite I know I will go home to a nice clean house. I feel peaceful right now. And now when I am home with my kids they get all of me. Not, “in a minute.” mommy or “just let me finish this email.” mommy, or “mommy has to work tonite.” And that is the BEST part of all.

Here is some new art I did today. (and a gold star to anyone who knows the song that goes with the horse painting!)

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