One small step.

I have received several emails and comments lately by people that have said they are inspired by me and thank me for telling it like it really is. It is so amazing to me that I inspire people. And here is my big fat secret: I feel like most of the time I am a mess. I go about my day wondering if I am doing anything right. Worrying that it could be done better, imagining that there are people pointing and whispering about how wrong I am doing things. But the other secret I am realizing and I think I have always really known is this: There is no right way to do any of it. Really, how many interviews have we read about people we admire that say they believed in themselves and just went after it? Action, no matter how small is the answer. Dreaming about something is wonderful, but what next? Even telling people about your dream is a huge step. I think that we get so caught up in the big picture, we forget that there are many tiny baby steps to take before that. So many people say I can’t quit my job to live me dream. Well, no, most people can’t. Even I am still freelance designing to pay my bills right now. But imagine this: You are getting your morning coffee today at the office. You are gossiping about your weekend to your coworker, talking about what in the world so and so was thinking when she put that skirt on with that top this morning (don’t lie, you know you do!). What if you turned the conversation toward what you like to do in your spare time? Mention the amazing necklace you made last night, or better yet, be wearing it and when someone asks where you got it decalre, “I made it myself! Eventually I am going to have my own place and sell my necklaces!” You just put in motion a powerful message. Watch what happens. I promise you that the universe will answer you. Suddenly someone will ask if you if you could do a custom design. Or someone else will ask if you do wedding and bridesmaid necklaces. Suddenly the ball is rolling. The secret to our dreams is sharing them. I can’t tell you how many people are behind me supporting me in my gallery. Because when we encourage others we encourage ourselves. Seeing another person realize their goals means it can happen for us too. And don’t worry that there are a bunch of other people doing whatever it is you want to do. No one, NO ONE has your exact vision, or your exact passion. Trust yourself. So I ask you, what one small thing can you do to move closer to your goals? Which one person can you tell what you really want to do in life? Tell a friend, call that school for an catalog or ask to see the campus, don’t worry about the realities of how it can’t work. If it is truly your dream, the universe WILL shift to accomodate you. Be prepared for what happens. It will seem like magic, but it is what happens when we decide to try. Life rewards action.

“If you have the courage to begin, you have the courage to succeed.” ~ David Viscott (I have had this taped to my computer since June 6, 2002. It was two months after I painted my first pet portrait ever. I told a good friend how much I loved painting these silly portraits and he encouraged me to get a booth at a festival. I got a booth at a fall festival that October. I had to quit a full time job a month later because of all the commissions I got that weekend.)

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