The Big Dog Show TONITE at 7pm

Yeah, so don’t forget, it’s TONITE. And me in my infinite busy-ness is realizing that maybe I did not get the word out enough? Let me tell you people I do this every time. Everytime I have a show or event I FREAK at the last minute. I am sure no one will come, but then people do. Lots of people do. But this time, maybe not so much. So many of my friends can’t come. Oh no! What if no one comes? I will be sitting in my little ol’ gallery, just me and a bunch of wine, cheese and grapes surrounded by lots of giant dog paintings. But I suppose that is less sad than me all alone surrounded by lots of cat paintings. Ha! Such a funny weird, dog lady I am….

Seriously people, come. Or I will cry. And tonite when you go to sleep how guilty will you feel? SO. GUILTY. And then come tomorrow to Taste of Intown Festival at Ponce and N. Highland. Cause I will be sitting all alone in my booth surrounded by big dog paintings…which I guess is less sad than surrounded by big cat…. Oh you get it. COME SEE ME! (yes, I don’t mind begging at all.)

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