Yesterday, not my favorite day ever.

I have been really busy catching up with clients and such from last week. Last week I got ready for my show and festival and got a 130 page book to the printer’s. It was a busy week that meant this week would be even busier. I have also been in the process of trying to organize my life more. It has been out of cotnrol since opening the gallery. I have been overwhelmed at how disorganized my house has become and I decided Monday things had to change. My brain has been so scattered and I know that my home is the main reason. I have no calm place to come home to at night. I am changing that. Anyway, yesterday I had a class, then had to go to the art store to get supplies for Sophie’s birthday party tomorrow. She wants an art party at the gallery. I got supplies, came back to the gallery and emailed some clients then went and picked the kids up from school. Then I went to the grocery store and got some things for dinner and the cupcake mix for her school party today. Then we went home and I decided I would clean one room. The worst one was Sophie’s. Can’t even explain the destruction. I cleaned out two closets and got rid of a mountain of toys that she no longer played with. That took almost 3 hours. Then I made dinner. After dinner Sophie wanted to help with the cupcakes. At which point I realized how little I cook because it never occurred to me to have oil and eggs. Back to the store at 8:30pm. Came home, made the mix, put the first batch int he oven, put the kids to bed and started laundry. All I wanted to do at this point was sit and sketch the painting I need to finish for a charity event on Sat at 12pm. So I took the first batch of cupcakes out of the oven, let them cool and put the second batch in. Then I went in my room and took a minute to breathe. I closed my eyes for a second when I heard a fork fall in the kitchen. In that second I knew what was happening. And it was bad. I ran into the living room just in time to see a really guilty looking dog coming out. Twelve cupcakes gone in less than a minute. I began to yell at him, but didn’t want to wake the kids up and ended up just crying instead. You know those moments when you know you could just as easily laugh at the absurdity of the situation, but you are just so tired that you cry instead? I was so tired and now I was down 12 cupcakes for a party at 11am. With the kids asleep I realized my morning would now be a crazy one of getting them off to school then running to the store for more mix. Luckily a wonderful friend (Hi Maggie I love you!!) went and got me mix. So at 11:30pm I made another batch of cupcakes, put them on top of the fridge to cool and went to bed. I am about to ice them then bring them up to the school in a little while. And I am still not talking to Rufus yet. Stupid dog.

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