Resting, soon. Really.

Yesterday Sophie had her birthday party. She had a great day and it was ALL ABOUT THE SOPH. She had a fatabulous day and her friends came and we painted and crafted and rocked out to The Back Street Boys and Hillary Duff. We had ice cream cake that I took out way too soon and was almost a melty mess, but we ate it in time. YUM. Ice cream cake!! I cannot believe my baby is now 8 years old. She is 8 going on 16. We ended the day by going to the pool then she got to have two friends sleep over and Noah got to have his best friend sleep over. I was utterly exhausted by the end of the night and after cleaning up the destruction this morning and breakfast for 5 kids I had an empty house since their dad took them for the afternoon. I know I should be resting, but I had a job to finish up and took the opportunity. I am, however about to go to Starbucks, grab a cup of coffee and people watch for at least an hour.

Two other things, I am going to be renting out a room in the gallery to either an artist or a designer. I am not using some space here and I might as well make some money for the rent. Any local artists that want to work in an increadbily cute (if I do say so myself) house with a super cool mom artist (that would be me), contact me via email: michelle@littlepeepsartgallery

And second, my art is being shown at The Stationary Show in NYC today and tomorrow. My agent emailed me this morning that they are going to be showing the dummy for my latest children’s book I just completed!!! I am requesting all fingers, toes, ears and noses to be crossed for good luck!!

later taters!

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