Right now, this minute

I am having a total flashback to my childhood. I picked up my kids and two of their friends after school. We came home and they went in the pool for an hour and a half. We all went back inside and I gave out snacks and drinks. Right now Noah and his friend are playing in the “boys” room and Sophie and her friend are playing in the “girls” room. Sophie has two other friends that have joined her as well. Sophie has Backstreet Boys playing while they are playing with their Polly dolls and dollhouses. They are talking about other kids and playing pretend. It is taking me back to summer afternoons with my sisters and my friends. I felt so safe. I knew my mom or my friend’s mom was in the other room. We just spent the afternoons playing, not stopping until it got dark or someone’s mom came to get them or it was time to walk home. It was all about make believe, all about pretend, all about thinking life could not get better than friends, sleep overs, and playing for hours and hours. I love having a houseful of kids I think, because I hope that I give them what I had. A place to be little kids. A place to just hang out and have a mom that brings in a bowl of popcorn or a plate of cookies. Right now I don’t care about anything else except hearing the voices of a bunch of little kids doing exactly what they should be doing. I know it’s corny, but its so good.

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