Calling volunteers

Ok, for my new launch I am beginning a project that I am hoping will be a lot of fun. I need volunteers from the US and from other countries. The US people will be one project and the outside the US will be another. It will involve mailing one small priority shipping box to someone else once you receive your box, plus being available to email me a digital pic – a camera phone would work too. If you are interested, leave a comment, or email me at: michelle at abeytacreative dot com

The more people the more fun, and I will keep track of all involved. Once I get the first few, I will begin the project for the US version. The outside the US version will take a bit more planning. It originates from Atlanta, Georgia. Intrigued? You should be! I want as many people to be a part of this as possible, so tell your friends, post on your blog and check back soon for the launch of the Rufus and Lucy site!

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