Turkey right around the corner!

Hey there everyone. (She says like so many of you are out there. It is more like, hey mom, dad, sis! see you for turkey day in a couple of days!) you all mind if I don’t use a lot of puncuation today? I am on my son’s laptop sitting in bed and feeling kinda lazy what with only one cup of coffee. Some fun things have happened lately. I got to be in the paper this weekend for unique pet gifts and already got a commission from it Sunday morning. Insert squeal here! Today I am finishing up a magazine cover illustration for a pet magazine in Chicago. It goes to six major cities and some very cool artists have been asked to do the covers in the past. I will try to keep how much of a goober I am until after they accept the cover. In December i will be featured in a pet magazine here in Atlanta. Lots of cool coverage that will hopefully keep the commissions coming in. I just got a bunch in and will spend the next two weeks doing what I love the most. Ah, polka dancing. I never can get enough of that. heh. I am in a weird mood today. Well, to be honest I probably am in a weird mood most days, I am just kinda of weird. But really, weird is more fun, right? So anyway, lots of fun things happening with my art. I still need to mail out my paintings of my Big Dogs to New Orleans. Want to hear irony? One of the coolest things to happen with my art is getting into a gallery and I have not had the extra money to ship them out. Crazy huh? Welcome to being a freelance artist. YOu never know when your next dollar is really coming in, so you have to spend it on bills and rent and food.DAmn necessities of life. So the things that could get you more money you can’t always afford to do. That is the way it goes for now. The more successful you get the less you have to make those hard choices I guess. Hmmm, canvas and paint or let the kids have dinner tonite? So while I am not exactly the starving artist, (umm, baby’s got back, oh yes she does) I am not rolling in it either. Oh, I know the day is coming where I will be able to pay bills, buy groceries AND get art supplies, maybe all in the same week! In the meantime, I make it work. It all seems to work out somehow. It always ends up bring ok. A very super uber cool person in my life keeps telling me this. And I am beginning to realize it is true. It will all work out and in the meantime, DOGS! I get to paint dogs most of the time for MONEY! But truly, I would trade out a nice 16×20 for a good steak dinner. You think I am kidding? A nice new york strip? Try me, steak is not on the shopping list right now. But that’s ok, cause I am about to go paint a magazine cover for most of the day today and I will take that over steak any day of the year. Unless you throw in a really hearty merlot too. yum.

Yes, they ARE out there!!

Yes, Lucy and Rufus have been sited! Go see where now! RufusandLucy.com

In other news i was just in Pensacola, Florida. I will have some Rufus and Lucy pics from there tomorrow. I have a big show coming up this weekend and will post details of that later today. Would love to see any and all of you at the studio with the new artists! And finally this week my book proposal gets reviewed by a big publisher. Please cross all fingers and toes accordingly. Have I told y’all (feeling southern today, sorry) how much fun rejection and disappointment is? Oh, lordy it is more fun than a barrel of mice. Or something like that…. Maybe this one’s the charm. Or not, but you should feel how thick my skin is getting! For reals…