Childhood fantasy… FULFILLED.

Ok, so besides having the most perfect, amazing boyfriend on the planet now, I just had the most amazing day on Saturday with him and the kids. So Sophie is in third grade. The same grade I was in when I got my first Cabbage Patch doll. Ok, all you 30 somethings, do you REMEMBER the madness???? Oh, yes you do. And moms of us 30 something, I can’t imagine the crazyness of trying to get those dolls. My mom, not only managed to get one, BUT THREE. She had three daughters. Have fun with that mom, but the woman did it. I have no idea how, but only now with two kids can I even begin to imagine how hard that was. But boy can I remember getting my Cabbage Patch that Christmas. It was magical. She had brown hair and a blue gingham dress. her name was Deborah Marie. I LOVED that doll. So when Sophie said for Christmas she wanted a Cabbage Patch newborn, I was all, “OK!!!” But my boyfriend, heard it too. And he wanted to not only get it for her, but, ok, are all of you ready to be JEALOUS girls??? He wanted to take her right after he bought it for her to BABYLAND GENERAL. That’s right people! THE HOME OF THE CABBAGE PATCH!!! It is located just an hour or so north of Atlanta. So we went to Toys R Us, and she picked out her new baby, Rebecca Libby, quite the adorable brown haired, blued eyed newborn that matched Sophie’s features, then of course he got Noah a Game Boy Advance game that put Noah into another world for pretty much the next 2 hours and off we went an hour north to Cleveland, Georgia.

So I have to admit, I was as excited as Sophie. BABYLAND GENERAL!!! It was everything I, er I mean Sophie could hope for! It was truly a magical place and everyone played their parts so convincingly that you actually felt like you were in a real baby hospital. We even witnessed Mother Cabbage give birth to a baby boy, Dennis Noah. (I am not sure if my son will ever forgive me for yelling out his name as a name for the new baby in a room full of squealing girls, but I was delighted!!) So here are pictures of one happy mama and daughter. Andf the son who tolerated it because he had the new Eragon game… I added in pics from our lunch in Helen , Georgia later that day. It was a wonderful, amazing weekend. Thank you, thank you, thank you sweet boyfriend for gving such a wonderful gift to my daughter and I. I know it is a day we all will not forget.

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