BIG Holiday Half Price Sale until Friday!

Last week I sent out an email to past clients offering half price commissions that could be completed by Christmas. I filled up just about all of my slots which was great and I am up to my eyeballs in paintings, but for my internet buddies I would like to offer one final half price sale for gift certificates. Now, I know it is not the same as a painting under the tree, but the nice thing about my gift certificates, besides being super cute (see below) is that your loved one gets to pick out their background. Plus they never expire. PLUS you can get them right now for HALF PRICE. I will only offer this until Friday, Dec 15 to make sure they can get into the mail no later than Satyrday. You have to pay by Friday via PayPal or by check or I can now also accept credit cards – which I prefer over Paypal, but I will still accept that too. Now if you call and promise to mail the check I will go ahead and mail it out. I have never, ever been not paid this way because pet lovers are THE most awesome people on earth, so i trust you all. Just promise to mail it by Friday and I will send you the gift certificate.Obviously, call me if you want to pay via credit card so I can get your info.

Ok, so go check out the commissions page, look at all the sizes and prices.

You can get a gift certificate for half up until Friday. So go! Have fun, splurge and order for yourself! I Will be filling orders as they come in and you can redeem gift certificates right after Christmas, or even before, but I will not be painting after December 22. I will resume January 2. (Now, if anyone HAS to have a painting under the trree for Christmas, I can do one or two rush orders which will not be half price, actually a bit more, but email me if you gots ta have it!!

For questions, please email me at and I can give you my business number to call if you like.
Happy Holidays!

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