Up to my eyeballs in dogs…and a cat here and there.

Myrtle Beach was awesome. The very best part was when best boyfriend took me to the beach before we left. He loves the beach as much as I do. We walked up and down and listened and watched. I never get tired of it. Never get tired of how small it makes me feel and part of something so much bigger than my mind can imagine all at once. So he gave me an awesome birthday. Because he is awesome. And I am gushing. I haven’t gushed in years. So I don’t plan on stopping anytime soon.

ok, so anyway. I have 5 16×20’s to finsih by Thursday. I accepted one last commission that came in while I was at the beach (in the hotel room a mile away, but whatever) Because he did that crazy thing I can never say no to: offered me money. So I don’t have much time to talk. I need to paint, paint, paint. I was up until 2:30am last night and had two very cute dogs to outline, but was bleary eyed from two boxers in a bathtub. Which turned out kick ass, but last night I was kicking myself for the shower curtain design I chose. I will post a pic. You will understand.

There are a million more things to write about as I watched E! Entertainment Channel ALL DAY last Thursday and my mind is still reeling from how many channels exist out there. Now I know this makes me sound like an Amish girl all out in the big city at 16 and all, but truly? I have not had cable in 5 years, and did you KNOW that you can watch plastic surgery for HOURS at a time, that you can watch gossip channels that is like having Vincenzo, your house boy, read People Magazine aloud to you while you paint? He also brings me wine when it hits the appropriate hour then asks if he can rub my feet while he tells me how clean my house is… oh, um lack of sleep, I got off track. Um, where was I? Oh yes, CABLE=HEAVEN. Ok, need to go paint, but I will be pondering the downfall we all saw, yet no one stopped with Britney and K-Fed, dear god, why didn’t we HELP them? And how DID Tom Cruise get a foot taller than Katie in their wedding photo, and you are RIGHT tomkat’s baby DOES looks asian, and wow, Brad and Angelina really did make the genetically perfect baby, and what will be do if that senator can’t recover and the GOP sways back to the right? (Ok, so I got some CNN in to try to fix some damage.)

Off to paint….Pics coming soon…

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